Do you REALLY use the icons on your GPSr?


I've found that I almost never use the icons displayed on my GPSr's screen, and certainly never use them when I'm driving. Part of the reason is because one needs to be zoomed in to the 300 foot scale or closer. I understand the need to do this otherwise the screen would be way too cluttered.

I'm curious how many people that use their units regularly actually use the poi icons or if they are ignored?

If you do use them, what do you find as the benefit of their use?

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I do Not...

...and for that matter, would not want to see the screen cluttered up with dozens of icons as I am driving.

With that said, I do load custom icons with my custom POI files, so I do see those, but there are much fewer than the built-in POIs.

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Not on My Nuvi

I never look at the icons on my Nuvi. Although I do load the icons with my custom POIs just so they don't have the default icon!

But I do look at the icons in mapsource.


Never have and never will. Way to much info. on the screen.

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Yea, I agree with you pcatch135. I have never used them before either because it is way to much information on the screen.


I never use them either, but I load them (just in case).


I use custom geocaching icons for all the geocaches in the area. Otherwise I don't bother with the custom ones.

Can you see your custom POI

Can you see your custom POI icons on map whithout alerts. I know they show up on map when you use alerts. My zoom is set to 200 M but it will not show anything excepts for custom POIs.

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I agree

I would rather see the name than an Icon..Most Icons that are big enough to see cover half a city block...

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Too much clutter, and I am never zoomed that much.

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Depends on which unit I am using

If I am using my Navigon, of course is use them. Navigon lets you decide what your seeing to reduce clutter, if you want gas stations you get them.

Now on my Garmin no because Garmin doesn't care that much about POI's so they don't put any effort in to the ease of use.

And since Navteq supply's these POI's both GPSr's use the same data base.

So yes I use them, SOMETIMES

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I am never zoomed that much.

I've never even seen them.

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Use of Icons while driving

I use them to check the accuracy of the POI files I have loaded. If one appears to be way off, I check the coordinates and advise the author of the file.

Icons on the GPS

I download them,but never zoom in on one of them. It is too much trouble to have to zoom the screen to see any of them. Last thing I want to do is have a wreck looking for an icon.

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I don't use them as we keep the screen at a longer view. The next trip, I'll have my co-pilot/navigator/wife try the lower screen setting with the icons to see if she likes the icons.

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Yes - I use them all the time to check the files of this web site. I have my c580 set at 300 feet while in town driving. I add a favorite if one of the chains I am working on has a store missing. I do not zoom in close enough for the built in poi files though.


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a little surprise once in a while...

I don't actively seek them out, but it's a nice little surprise when I'm in a strange area to see that one of my favorite (POI of choice) places is right up the street.

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I don't use them. I rely on the sound alerts for the most part.

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Yes & No

intown . yes,zoomed in to catch turns
on the road.No....zoomed out

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I generally have the icons for custom POI's showing. A couple of the POIs on my gps were put there explicitly so I'd know when I was driving near one of these locations.


The only packaged icon I use from from GPS is the home icon. Everything else are customized.

I have the custom icons but

I have the custom icons but don't go to the problem of zooming in to see them.If I pass close to locations of the custom pois I have installed.The icons will show without zooming in.

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I use them some - they are

I use them some - they are mostly a nice-to-have.

I do prefer them to the default grey dots.

If you have large / many Custom POI files, they increase your poi.gpi file size which reduces available memory.

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I use them

I always use them, I think it help with finding stuff.


pcatch135 wrote:

Never have and never will. Way to much info. on the screen.

agreed... I just type in where I am going and let it take me there (or go the route I know to be better or faster if it is a familiar area).

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Sounds LIke A Trend

I never use them while driving. I have used them, as others pointed out when zoomed in; but this is when I'm planning the trip ahead of time, so I'll have an idea of where I'm going before getting in the car.

TMI on the screen; except if the icons are for public restrooms - then it's WTMI. mrgreen

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Loaded but unused

Much like many others, I load them with the POIs, but rarely use them.