MAP SHARE feature


Does TomTom verify the MapShare data that user uploads to TomTom server. How fast those data is released for other TomTom users ? How come Garmin don't have this feature ?
Any help is appreciated.

Re: MAP SHARE feature

Yes, they do verify them, and you can choose to display TomTom verified changes, submitted by other users, submitted by trusted sources, submitted by many, your own, or a combination of them.

The data is available to others as soon as the user that chose to share updates connects to TomTom Home, but I don't know how fast it gets verified. I'd think it varies, depending on how many users submit the same change, how many other changes need to be verified in the area, etc.

You can find out more at:

Why is this technology not available with Garmin? Perhaps because TomTom invented it and copyrighted it? smile

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Thanks for your response.