Just saying hi.


I just wanted to say hi to everyone.
This is a great site for a GPS noob.
I just got my first gps (Garmin Nuvi 660). So I am out here on the web trying to learn some stuff.

Thanks for all the great reading.


Welcome to the site Tom, jump right in everyone is pretty helpful here. Just a bunch of GPS nuts going crazy all together.
miss poi


Hello Tom,
I'm sure you'll find this fun and informative. Heard lots of good things about the GPS you bought and consider it my dream GPS at the moment. Look forward to hearing how well it works! Like Miss POI says nobody understands our obsession.


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

Just Saying hi also

I am a newbie with a Nuvi 660 also. It is really easy to use and can't wait to add the POI your site has to offer.

Thanks to all out there contributing.

I'am new too. So far I

I'am new too. So far I learned to create POI,s and load them on my gps and they work. only because of this Website. My wife says I,am becoming obsessed with this GPS thing and she,s right. Its great to go some where and know your not going to get lost. Kinda of like a male thing if your know what I mean. Anyway welcome aboard. Scooter2



Hi Tom,

Good morning to you. Great to have you aboard. I'm not new to using GPS's but I learn something new almost every time I log into the POI-Factory. There is a bunch of great folks here that are avid GPS users that love to share every new discovery. So log on often and post when you can.