6 Features Worth Paying Extra For, And 5 Features You Don't Need


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I agree with the features worth paying extra for...don't necesssarily agree with the features you don't need.

If traffic saves me once from a horrible backup, it's worth it. My FM transmitter works well around here, and people can hear me well over the Bluetooth connection.

What do you guys and gals think?

I remain perfectly happy with my >>>

now antiquated C530...it gets me there and brings me home, the rest, IMHO, is fluff...that said, my wife loves the upgrade from the C330 to the Nuvi 750 and the 750 is, admittedly, a cool toy.

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I think that the amount of time one spends behind the wheel every day makes a difference. If you are driving to work and home, or to the store and back then some of those features may not matter.

When I am in the truck for 4 hrs or more I appreciate having the mp3 player on my c580. No it is not the best Bose quality - but I don't want a 12 inch box on my dash either. The company truck doesn't have cassette/cd or inputs and I don't own an Ipod.

Traffic - being from Kansas, I know a lot different than most of you, my drive into downtown wichita from the north edge of town is about 12 minutes. Even when there is bad weather or a wreck it is at most 20. The big problem I see with this is that for most areas you do not have a good way around the problem. Everybody else is getting on the side streets as well - they just may not know where they are going. The only places I could see it helping is where you have multiple choices of interstate and to make sure that you get the info in time to take the other one.

My truck has a hands free cradle for my non bluetooth phone and my c580 doesn't have an FM transmitter. I have thought of getting an after market one though, but the price hasn't been right yet.


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Well, Yes, Maybe, No

If you live where there is little traffic, paying premium for traffic info may not be the best use of money.
If you move out of that area once in a while or with some frequency to places where there is traffic and you do not know your way, without traffic info, your receiver could as well be a printed map.
I have traveled out of my traffic free zone a couple of times. One of those days, I saw close to 10 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the other lane and it got worse as we got close to the city I was going. I sure was glad to get rerouted on my way back. Just once, but there have been similar situations, although not as bad. The traffic stuff came in handy.
Widescreen - Pay more for that? Because it contains information that other types of screens do not have? Sure, some have need for it. But pay extra?
Bluetooth - I love the convenience especially in zones where there are restrictions (not total ban) on the use of cell phones. Even if there are none, it feels much less like a sin using the phone while driving.
POIs - why pay more for that? Join POI FACTORY. Even if you pay money to the site, that would sure be less than paying extra for that on a receiver. As many of us would attest, some of those POIs are out of date. Pay extra for outdated stuff? Sounds iffy.
Speed limit display - Sounds nice. But is it possible to keep an eye on the road as well, so we don't run over people simply because the GPSr does not include "people around/close to you" on the screen?
We pay for what interests us.


Maybe I should have been a little clearer on what I meant. I do not think the traffic covers enough area - interstate only - so if you get off it doesn't always route you off the surface street traffic that is increased because of the traffic jam.


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