Duplicate Data?


Hello, I am new to the site and it looks great so far. I was wondering how the data is sorted so we are not all running around recreating duplicate POIs in different lists.

For instance, I would like to add a new QT gas station that is not already loaded on my Garmin. Since Quick Trip gas stations are already listed in a vast number, how can I be sure that I am contributing something new?

Further, is there a search engine somewhere where I can see if specific locations or Points already exist or do I simply need to open up the excel files and search the long way?

Thanks for your time.

If you look

If you look in the poi list, then choose ABC, you should see all the files made. Most often they are made by company name. Some are state, regional or national. The QT file is national, but may be missing a store or two. Contact the maintainer of the file and let him know about the missing info. He will then add the into to the file.


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