Orphaned POI projects


My question is if a POI has not been updated, who do we contact? Miss POI or the author? This author has not been online for over a year so I think the project is now an orphan. I'm updating the file myself, adding locations and incorporating some of the ideas in the 'POI Standards' discussion.

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You should notify Miss POI, she will see if there is still a maintainer and take care of it. If you are willing, you could also volunteer to take over the maintenance of the file and she will transfer it to you.

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It makes a

It makes a difference if you try and contact with no reply. Sometimes they just say, I am not interested in doing any more.

You can't edit the file online unless she gives you the rights.


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Okie dokie. Thanks.

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Someone else may have already been given control of the file and be in the process of updating it, in which case you'd be duplicating the work, so I'd always check with Miss POI first.