Another study: hands-free cell phones are NOT safer
The linked article's not long, but here's the Cliff Notes version: using a hands-free headset while talking on a cell phone does not reduce errors, and cell-phone use generally is associated with a higher driver error rate than talking to passengers. This is from research just published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

It's likely that anybody (other than me, of course smile ) reprogramming a GPS while driving is also prone to unsafe driving errors.

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"It's likely that anybody

"It's likely that anybody (other than me, of course ) reprogramming a GPS while driving is also prone to unsafe driving errors."

I agree "other than me" but my wife keeps telling me I'm going to have a wreck while playing with my GPS.

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I find the study a tad hard to believe since with a headset, one does not need to look at the phone as much, which is a major distraction.

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we need "stupid free"

you've got to remember ... most people can't walk and chew gum! I'm on the road a lot, and can't tell you how many times I've seen people talking with their hands - yes, both hands .. like the person on the other end of the line can see them!

I swear ... most people get on the phone and completely forget about whatever else they are in the middle of doing. When that's driving, that's a problem!

Cell Phone Use While Driving

I'm not surprised. I have been and seen other people distracted by conversations with passengers, which the article says isn't as bad.

Just the act of becoming involved in a conversation takes some of your concentration off the road.

Out here with rural highways and few cross streets I talk some. In the cities with more traffic I pull over if I'm on a call.