School Zones in NW Ohio


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Last updated 04/06/2011

Raw file: NW Ohio School Zones.gpx (222.27 KB)

These address are from the school's web pages. The coordinates are from a Garmin Nuvi 750. This file should have most schools located west of I-75 and north of the Bluffton - Lima area. The file was generated using GeePeeEx. Speed alerts have been set to 20 mph and proximity to 1000 feet for all entries.


updated to add 1 school.

Updated some address and coordinates.

Updated to add an alert on a side street at an existing school. More side streets will be added as I come across them. - Jack j

Updated on 7-24-09 to correct incorrect coordinates in the last update. Sorry - Jack j

Updated on 10-03-09 to add a few side streets at existing schools. Minor corrections to a few coordinates. - Jack j

Updated on 10-15-09. Added 1 school, added some side streets and deleted one closed school. - Jack j

Updated - 10-23-09. Added some missing schools, added some side streets, corrected some coordinates and changed info on buildings replaced with new ones. - Jack j

Deleted one closed school and corrected errors in the Wauseon listings.

Added coordinates for a new school middle school in Wauseon, deleted the listing for the old middle school.

Updated on 1/14/10 to delete closed schools in the Toledo area. Also refined some coordinates.

Updated 03/13/10 to add a school in Toledo.

Updated 04/05/11 to add new school building, deleted school building it replaced.

Updated 04/06/11 to change addresses/locations to reflect new schools in several towns.