Toronto to Edmonton driving experience.


Hi all,

I drove on 21 November 2009 from Toronto to Edmonton via States - Chicago, North Dakota then Edmonton. It was amazing, I have Nuvi 680. Only challenge is I dont have updated camera and I am not active user, lol. So, I wont get it free, I guess.

The only thing is missing, if you drive from Toronto to Edmonton some speed signs are wrong are not updated. And some highway information is not updated in Edmonton. And another challenge is GPS has no track if you are driving on express lanes or collector lanes.

But, I felt confident where I was going and I am not lost at all. Map is so accurate, I love it.

I have 2009 North America map and one year fm thing.

Anyone know how to play around with mp3 songs in nuvi 680. I copy 100 songs in memory and mark numbers like 1,2,3 to 100. It doesn't display neither play in sequence. Is there any update for mp3 player?
your help is appreciated....