Which i s better buy, Tomtom 930T or Nuvi 765T?


I have found the TomTom 930T for $399.95 and the Garmin Nuvi 765T for $499.95. Which do you think gets you more bang for your buck? The 930 does include Europe but don't really need it.


For me it was easy I bought The NUVI 760

GARMIN is the best as you have seen on this webb site..

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which unit?

Spend the extra $100. The garmin interface is the best and their service is terrible but it's the best around!


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The only think I didn't like

The only think I didn't like about the 930T was that the traffic antenna is not integrated. You have to attach it to the windshield.

re: Which Is Better Buy

You can get the 765T at Buydig.com for under $465 right now.

Both are good units. Consumer Reports rates the 930 72, and rates the 760 76 (They haven't tested the 765T yet, but I expect it will rate at least as well as the 760). The top GPS (nuvi 880) rated 80 and the bottom (Navigon 5100T) rated 53.

CR knocked the mount on the TomTom. They knocked that the detour is not as complete as most and that you can't exclude a street from the route on the Garmin.

TomTom has MapShare where you or other people can make corrections to the map and you can load them on your unit. Also has IQ Routes which is supposed to take into account time of day, traffic, etc. when planning routes.

TomTom is known for a more complicated interface that is more customizable than the Garmin, but more difficult to use.

The 930 includes European maps, I believe. To get European maps standard on the nuvi, you'd have to pay a bunch more for the 775T.

TomTom uses Teleatlas maps and Garmin uses Navteq maps. Teleatlas maps are not supposed to be as good as Navteq in North America, but they seem to be improving.

Garmin is renowned for its ease of use and accuracy overall.

Thank you. Very good

Thank you. Very good information. I guess I will wait for the 765T to come down to around $400, but I won't hold my breath.