Mutiple types of POI and categories


Currently trying to load two different types of custom POI onto a Nuvi 255. Have different directorys set up for each type of POI on computer and using Garmin POI Loader. I only end up with the last POI file I loaded from computer and not both sets. Is there a way to have more than one custom set of PIO's without putting everything in one file ie; Warning Sirens and Radio towers?? Also my gps has an option for creating categories. What is this?

one folder

place all custom POI files into one folder, you can use subfolders too. direct POI Loader to the FOLDER ... not a file.

Will give that a try right

Will give that a try right now. Any ideas on what the categories on gps are for?


The categories will be your file names. I set up over thirty at one time with over 2000 pois. When you go to custom POI they are there by category.

I put both types of POI into

I put both types of POI into one directory with symbols for each type. That worked slick I now have two types of POI listed by categorys: Warning Sirens and Radio Towers. Thx much

That was easy


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