Auto GPS On A Budget

I'm surprised he doesn't have the TomTom ONE 125 which may be one of the best deals this year at $99 if you never go to Canada/Alaska.

Also doesn't have the nuvi 205 and lower priced Navigon models.


In these hard economic times, it's going to be intersting to see which GPS cleans up on Black Friday. I predict the Navigon's are going to be the winner this time round.

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Best Buy is going to be selling Garmin 205 model for $119

I saw that Best Buy is going to be selling the new Garmin 205 model for $119 sometime this week. That will be the sales price and not even a limited door buster deal.

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How good are your eyes...

SOme of the "small screen" units are selling pretty cheap. Maybe my son could use those, but even the widescreen units such as the 660, 680 are kinda small -- check out similar units, particularly trying to read the screens at at least arms' length, before you buy!

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re: How Good Are Your Eyes...

Good point. I really like the 4.3" screen over the 3.5".

I don't want much larger than that though, as it would be hard to fit in my pocket, and I like to take it with me.

I think the 4.3 are the perfect size

Not too big as to be unwieldy, but easy to read for those of us with "mature" eyesight. I love my 760.