Changing Voices in a Nuvi


How to install the voice:
1. Connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer.
2. If you don't already have the Garmin Communicator, install it here.
3. Return to the individual voice download page.
4. Click the Install Voice button on the voice download page.
How to install without using Garmin Communicator
1. Connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer.
2. Click the Download Voice button
3. Click Open, if necessary.
4. Click Extract.
5. Browse to find the “Garmin/Voice” folder on the Garmin drive.
6. Double-click the Unplug or Eject icon in your system tray. Click Stop, and then click OK.
7. Unplug the USB cable from your Garmin GPS device.

How to change the voice:
1. On your GPS device, touch Settings.
2. Select Language.
3. Select Voice.
4. Choose your favorite voice and hit OK.
5. Make sure your volume is up and mute is off.
See a list of compatible units this voice will work on.
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voice compatible units
nüvi® 200-series
nüvi® 205-series
nüvi® 500-series
nüvi® 700-series
nüvi® 705-series
nüvi® 800-series
nüvi® 5000
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