Contributors of the Week 2008-11-03


This week we are recognizing Grush and Ramcruzer.

Grush, You have been asking some very interesting questions lately that have shed light on things that other people may have been curious about. It is really nice to have you join our community. You are so nice and I really look forward to reading what you write.

Ramcruzer, I love the new Icons and Sounds you have submitted, they are really great. I hope that your wife is doing ok after her knee replacement surgery. Let us know, we like to hear back.

It is getting close to the holiday season, Black Friday is just a few weeks away. I have posted a new discussion so that we can have all of our Black Friday plans in one area so we are not searching threads for that great link that had the sale we want to go to.

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Congradulations to both Grusher and Ramcruizer. great to have you with us.

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Thank you

For the contributions to the site. Well Done!

Contributors of the Week 11-03-08

Congrats and thank you to both of you for a job well done. smile

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For the contributions to the site.

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Congratulations to both Grusher and Ramcruizer for a job well done.

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Holy Cows

Congrats to both of you, thanks for the contributions.


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Contributors of the Week

Thanks so much miss poi and everyone for the COW bestowed upon ramcruzer and I!

There are a lot of great postings on the forum, and I've been lucky enough to get answers to my questions and trying to post comments to get people to think.


Thank you miss poi and grats grush.

What a bunch of great people on this site it's a blast to help and learn so much.
I have learned alot and keep on learning more. smile

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Congartulations....good job and thanks!

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Good job

Good job


Congrads To The Both Of you Grush and Ramcruzer for the Icons & Sounds Thanks : .... Also Ramcruzer Take Care Of Wifey Hopes She's Getting Better

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Congrats to you both.

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Way to Go

Thanks for all your hard work.


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to Grush and Ramcruzer thanks for your contribution to all of us here. smile

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Best Wishes....

....and kudos to Grush and Ramcruzer.

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congrats both of you and

congrats both of you and thanks. keep up the good work.

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Congratulations to both Grusher and Ramcruizer and welcome!

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Kudo's to both of you.

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Congrats to both of you. Keep up the hard work.


Congrats Grusher and Ramcruizer.

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2 our 2 Contributors

Job well done.

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Great Job Guys

Keep up the good work, thank you.

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