Be Careful When Posting Red Light Cameras


I'm not sure if this has been covered, but often when you look at a traffic signal (especially overhead), you can see one or more tube-type cameras mounted somewhere around the signal. These are not red light cameras but merely cameras set up to monitor traffic conditions. Many times they are not viewed on a regular basis and never for violations, etc.

It's been my experience to see many in my county that are out of service and it takes many months for them to be repaired. My county provides a webpage to view the traffic cams.

If this has been covered somewhere else, I apologize.

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If you look where you download the file there are pictures of the difference. But like, "who reads the manuals?" mrgreen Around where I live, they don't mount them anywhere but on their own poles. They stick out like sore thumbs half the time. About 50' before the light and the only gray pole around. Closest to the color is the silver lamp post. Signals are either green or black.

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we have a link

We have made a link that helps to educate users on the difference:

Thanks for bringing this topic up though, it is always a good thing to remind people.

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