Copy maps between units


I recently purchased a new Maestro GPS. Is there any way to copy the updated maps from this unit onto my old 3225? I'd rather not have to buy the new maps if I can avoid it.

Probably not

I'm not at all familiar with that unit but, if it's like the other GPS units I am familiar with, the map is not transferable from one unit to another.

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how about the upgrades you

how about the upgrades you get on your computer and transfer it to other unit from mapinstall with sd card? I know nothing about this but I am wondering the same.
Actually I too have same question?
I have nuvi 200w and I got nuvi 270. I got an upgrade of european maps with 270 and I had gotten citnavigator 2009 upgrade with 200w.
Can I put all this in one sd card and use it in sd card will I have europe maps on 200w?

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The OP and this thread are asking about Magellan maps.

However, for Garmin maps, the map upgrade can only be used on a single GPS unit. It's not transferable. And the upgrades will only upgrade the maps on the unit that has those maps preloaded.


Definitely not on 2 different models. I tried my friend's Roadmate 1412 even just the POI, copied it to my 3140, it did not work.

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