Tom Tom 720 Voice Recognition


I have a tt720 and would like to get the voice recognition to work. I have added the required file to the asr folder and still need to up date my map to the 715 vervsion mention in previous posts. My questions are as follows, will voice recogntion work with newer versions of maps, if not were can I find 715 versions of the map?


Welcome to the Factory! If you don't find the answer here then try the unofficial Tom Tom site: if you haven't already!

You should find a plethora of information regarding TomTom's on that site as well. smile


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what version do you have

what version do you have now?

TT Maps

TT maps are now "815" versions. They now have all of the current features like support for computer voices advanced lane guidance, and such. They are available from TT.

Is full voice recognition

Is full voice recognition possible on the 720?
The factory default allows for limited voice recognition with street names, street numbers, etc. But you have a way to get full voice recognition with POIs?

It depends on what you are

It depends on what you are looking for.

If you want to talk to your TT then you need the ASR folder and you need version 8 of the navcore.

If you want to have your TT read street names to you than you have to have a map that has the cspeach files.

TT 720 Voice Activation

Hi, I followed all the directions creating a file, adding it to the device, and still no voice activation-its still grayed out...any suggestions?

Where are the directions

Where are the directions posted at?

TomTom Go 720 voice activation

Yes I am in the same situation. The voice activation icons are still grayed out.