Problems Logging In


I am a new user and cannot stay logged in to POI-Factory, and often cannot log in at all from my home PC. When I try to login I don't get an error message. It just shows me the login and password fields again. I can get access from my work PC, but that's not an optimum solution.

I use Win XP, IE7, ZoneLabs Security Suite.

I have tried everything I can think of: rebooting, clearing browser history and temporary files, adding Poi-Factory in Zone Alarm to allow cookies (including 3rd party cookies). I think it is a Zone Alarm issue, because if I close my firewall, login works. Perhaps there is another URL I need to add in my privacy settings.

I looked in the FAQ and tried everything with no luck.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, as this is an excellent site with lots of useful info.



I use ZoneAlarm Security Suite and have not had to change any settings. When I log in to the POI Factory, I stay logged in for days even if I turn the PC off.

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Is your XP up to date?

Have you done all the updates for XP including SP3? Check your internet security settings in IE7 and make sure you are allowing cookies. When you first logged into this site did you tell it to remember the password when it asked?

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I had a similar problem

It turned out to be the date on my computer was incorrect.... You might check to make sure that the date is correct... shock

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Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for the replies.

I played with some settings, reset things to exactly the way they were originally and now I can log in.

It must have been a bug or some mysterious setting I missed.

Happy to be here!


Switch to Firefox

I had a bunch of problems with IE..and switched to Firefox..It is so much more stable and not as subject to virus and Ad bugs..

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