"Easter Egg" (Erase all User Data)


Here's another Garmin "Easter Egg" that I found over on GpsPasSion Forums. I haven't seen it here, so here it is:

Hard Reset Sequence:

Hold down the bottom right of the screen, if possible
with the back of a pencil eraser, then press in the power
until the screen comes on, and then let go of it. Keep
holding down the eraser on the screen until the Erase all
User Data appears. Hit yes and the unit will be reset.

This is from Garmin. I have a c330 and it works. At least, when I got to the Yes/No screen, I backed out of it. I didn't use a pencil eraser. My left thumb reaches to the bottom right and I turned it on with my right hand.

This might be a handy little procedure.

They put it in the manual

Starting with the c510 and up. It just wasn't in the c3xx manuals. But works.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........

I had to do this once on my

I had to do this once on my nuvi 350. I can't remember if it was the right or left side of the screen now, but it seems that different units have different places to press on the screen. Anyway, my nuvi lost all detail on the maps.. it had no street level information at all. It just kept saying "recalculating".. anyway, I did this "reset all user data" thing and it fixed it without having to restore anything from my backups.

Shuttleman, thankyou for

Shuttleman, thankyou for sharing this info

On your mark, Get set.....wait a minute......D-A-N-I-E-L..........now we can GO.... (Garmin c340)