Hi. I am new to Garmin. I have been using CoPilot and I am surprised by the lack of POI's on my unit. I have a Nuvi 750. Are all the garmin units this way?

lack of POI's?

I'm surprised that you mentioned a lack of POI's. I too have a 750 and was surprised at the many POI's on the unit. But you have to be fairly close to the POI for it to show up on the display. I think about 200-300 feet. You can also find a POI and setting it as your destination. Then it will show up for a longer period of time on the display. Also by putting the POI as one of your favorites will show faster.

Of course you can upload thousands (maybe millions) of additional POI's that you can find on this forum. That's what I did for many more like the Interstate Rest Areas, Casinos, more local dining places, etc. Good luck. I think you'll like your 750 after you use it for a while.

Garmin Nuvi 750


Garmin units with the City Navigator North America maps have 6 million built-in POIs.

Now, as to accuracy and completeness, well that's another story. And thus the reason that we are here.


Hello all, I am a newbie to the GPS world, this is a cool site, my nuvi 350 had a limited poi selection and this allows me a whole world of selection!!! Thanks for all who put out the leg work to make it all happen...