Creating or editing a MP3 file


I would like to have a MP3 file to use with the Rest Area POI package that announces that "there is a rest area three miles ahead" or whatever mileage I want that would go with the proximity alert that I set. The one supplied with the Rest Area POI does not give distance. Is there an easy way to create or edit the one supplied?

Garmin Nuvi 780

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You can use this site.

It will create a WAV file from whatever text you type in the box. Then you will need to covert it to an MP3 file.

There are lots of conversion programs. Audacity is the one I use.

Keep in mind that if you create one the says "Rest Area 3 miles ahead", it will announce exactly that phrase no matter what proximity alert distance you actually set on the unit. There's no way, currently, to have it automatically announce the distance based on the distance you set.


Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

Garmin Nuvi 780