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So I just recently got my first GSP. It's a Garmin c580. I've been having loads of fun with it but wanted to know if there are any recommended sites to make it more useful. Not saying it's not already loaded just as a habit I like to "mod" things. Excellent site btw.

Welcome to the site and the

Welcome to the site and the addiction that we all live with.

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You are at the best site. Other places are Garmin's website - to keep your software up to date.
another site many people have mentioned is this one:

No real mods

There are not a lot of mods for a c580, if any. I have a c530. It is very similar to yours except you have a few extra features. I use mine on a motorcycle so I did increase the max speaker vol. However, that is not practical for car use. If I have vol. up all the way in the car it is so loud it scares the hell out of you.

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You're there!

I'll second ralphy1's post; This is the best site for GPSr users! Ghayman's site he cites is extremely informative for Nuvi users, so is well worth a look, I'd recommend it even for those that don't have a Nuvi.

I see 19 pages of results when searching for "c580" on this site.

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I've had the c580 for a while and it hasn't given me any trouble. I have a 2 gig sd card for mp3 files. Mostly old radio shows and some music.


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I emphatically agree, after

I emphatically agree, after finding this site and bookmarking it, it being my FIRST GPS website tried after getting my first is truly the best. So far I see the POI factory as the Google of GPS navigation.