Rocky Rococo Pizza, WI


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Last updated 10/16/2008

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  • United States: WI

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From their website:Over the years, we have carved our niche by dedicating ourselves to customer service and our unique, sensational tasting pizza. I do not like to brag, but Rocky's Pizza really is the best anywhere. Our dough is made fresh daily in each of our restaurants, our sausage is hand patted, our skim milk mozzarella cheese is only real Wisconsin Cheese, our vegetables are always the freshest available; and mamma mia, our secret pizza sauce is second to none." Tom Hester, President
Locations are taken from their web site. They offer slices as well as whole pies. Stores that are not inside malls are sometimes different. For instance one in Madison is in an old theater that they have remodeled and have movies etc. on the big screens. Their pizza is really good.