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Hi All,

I'm loading up a bunch of mp3s and POIs for my trip down to Maryland, and was just wondering if there were any files, such as all the additional voices, that I can remove from my Nuvi 680 without causing it to fail?

I've already backed up the entire device just in case, but I was hoping some of the more experienced users out there would know which files were safe to remove, without all the trial and error that this normally takes, since we're going down next week.

Thanks, in advance,

S Johnson

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if you put "Delete Files" in the search field, you will find many discussions on this. And yes, you can delete voice files, help files, and vehicles.

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Also, it's advisable to put your MP3s on an SD card.

I have deleted many files

I have deleted many files like extra vehicles, foreign languages, splash screen images etc..without any problems.


i agree

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

Also, it's advisable to put your MP3s on an SD card.

i agree sd cards are so cheap now, im sure its an easier and safer way to use your mp3's. check amazon or govconnection for great deals.

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+1 SD Card

I agree with the others that an SD card is the way to go. If you need something immediately, Radioshack and CircuitCity have 1GB cards on sale for $10. CircuitCity also has a 2GB on sale for $13.