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I was recently reading one of the threads addressing the GPS use in commercial aircraft. I did try that with a handheld (after 9/11) and had no problems. It was a diversion that kept me amused and made the flight a bit more enjoyable. My question now is, has anyone tried it on a train? The last time I drove north on I-95 doing about 85mph in a 70mph area. a boat passed me. I kid you not- a pickup draging a monster boat past me at a speed at least 15 mph faster than mine. Since then I have used Amtrack’s auto-train whenever possible. Getting back to my original question, has anyone used a GPS on a train? I have a Nuvi 350 and I do have an auxillary antenna that would go next to the window. Should the unit be set for roads, pedestrian or what? Any suggestions, or should I just leave it in the car?

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sure you can

there is no reason not to use it. I would recommend that you use the off road and pedestrian mode. I use mine all the time on planes that way.

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Pedestrian and OFFROAD

It can take a bit of time to grab a signal, but it works. I used my nuvi 200 on Amtrak a few months back. I put it in pedestrian mode. However it kept trying to jump to any nearby roads. It wasn't until after getting back here that someone pointed out there is ANOTHER menu to set it for OFFROAD as well. I think had I set it for Pedestrian and OFFROAD, it would have worked perfectly.

Fun to check things like train speed and also nearby lakes, roads, etc. you can tap on the GPS screen to see what they are.


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