I am not getting any alerts or speed warnings


I have a Nuvi 660 and I have downloaded the POI Installer and as far as I can figure out, I should be getting some speed alerts or proximity warnings... Am I missing something? Am I supposed to download something else?
Please help...

This is from the POI Loader

This is from the POI Loader Help File
Understanding Speed and Proximity Alert Information

POI Loader automatically scans .csv and .gpx data files for speed and proximity alert information.

You can also use Manual mode to specify default speed and proximity alert information as needed.

Speed Information

Speed information can be included in the file name or in the names of individual POIs within the file.

POI Loader determines speed information based on the following information, listed from highest to lowest priority:

Speed information included in the name of the individual Custom POI. For example, a POI named "SpeedZone@30" will have an alert speed of 30 regardless of the speed information specified in Manual mode or in the file name.

Speed information entered in Manual mode.

Speed information included in the file name. POI Loader interprets any numbers in the file name as speed information.

Proximity Alert Information

Proximity alert information can be calculated automatically based on speed information. It can also be included in .gpx data files or added in Manual mode.

POI Loader determines proximity alert information based on the following criteria, listed from highest to lowest priority:

Proximity alert information listed for individual POIs in a .gpx file. This information overrides all other proximity alert information.

Proximity alert information entered in Manual mode.

Proximity alert distance calculated by POI Loader based on speed information in the file name or in individual POI names. This calculation uses the following formula:

Prompt Distance = 36 seconds * Speed.

A default proximity alert distance of 400 meters/0.25 miles if the file name contains the word "redlight."

If there is a TourGuide audio file attached and no other proximity alert information is available, POI Loader assigns a proximity alert distance of 0.25 miles.

See Creating Custom POI Files for more information.

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Regular POI files do not alert by default. As several others have mentioned, you must SET an alert. You can do so in a variety of ways as noted above.

If you run POI Loader in Manual Mode instead of Express Mode, you can set whatever alerts you wish.

Check out Phil's great guide for more information about alerts.

Hornbyp's guide to setting alerts with POI Loader

Also, be aware that alerts will only sound if you are on the road on which the POI is located, traveling in the direction of the POI, and if the POI is located sufficiently close to the road (typically 50 feet).