Nuvi 660 Backdating firmware FYI


Just an FYI...
After speaking with garmin regarding my poor bluetooth performance with my blackberry 7520..(See post: ) I was told that it is still possible to backdate from the current 4.60.
There is no lockout as with the current 7xx 4.0 and above.
Granted, it was a front line rep, but she put me on hold and said she spoke to a senior tech/developer.

This includes backdating the BT software. (Which I'm doing now...)
Hopefully this will clear it up. If not? I'll make the leap to reload 4.50

It was a interesting conversation too.
We chatted a bit about this 4.0/4.1 debacle. Now then, I may not have a 7xx, but I'm with all you 7xx owners. I asked them to put me down as another customer that is urging them to allow for backdating the firmware.

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