1 yr w/ 750


It is coming up on 1 yr since I pre-ordered my 750 thought it might share my thoughts on it and compare it to the 350 I had before.
Overall the 750 is a good unit and I like many of the features such as; breadcrumbs, Where Am I, MSN v2 (aftermarket purchase), ability to create routes, being able to set 10 via points and the options to order them in different ways, widerscreen, and no flip up ant.
There are few things my 350 did much better, it aquired sats much faster, it had a little bit better accuracy, and it also seemed to have a faster map refresh rate, not having to go through 2 screens to get to my custom POI's, and it came with a case and a/c charger. Nothing is perfect and my 350 had quality control issues such as a power switch failure within 2 months of purchase, and has failed again for the person I sold it to.
In conclusion I do not regret the purchase of my 750, but was suprised when Garmin dicontinued the 350 b/c it was maybe the best of it's lower priced units.

PS I was fortunate enough to have been on a backpacking trip when the 4.0 update was released and was able to see the comments here and did not download it, my opinion might have been different if I was suffering through the issues that others are experiencing