Vets or Vet-Emergency Centers?


Hi -

While camping recently, we had to rush our German Shepherd to a Vet and then to a 24-hour Vent Emergency Center to deal with a Water Moccasin bite. Fortunately, he made it but it was quite an upsetting time for awhile there.

We were in an unknown (to us) area, and had to rely on some old Yellow pages ripped from the campground phonebooth (didn't even know they had them anymore!), my cellphone, and directions being relayed to us while driving thru a downpour at rush-hour to go 45 miles.

That naturally got me to thinking about a GPS-format for them. I'd imagine it would be a daunting task to include ALL vets -- as it seems some come and go quite rapidly -- but maybe at least the bigger ones like PetsMart, Petco and the like. And the 24-hour centers are also a lot more stable and tend to be around for a longer period of time. In any case, some are better than none.

I started surfing the web for lists, but haven't had any success at all, except for finding the one-by-one spots.

Can anyone come up with a few suggestions (like maybe you know of or have such a master list within the industry?), or offer assistance?

Your pet may appreciate it some day.


Duh, I just found it....

Ok, I just found a terrific listing of Animal Hospitals in here. I guess I wasn't using the proper search-words.

Many thanks to you, scottk, for such a great job!