All data have disappeared!


Yesterday I installed the Garmin POI Loader. This morning I turned on my Nuvi 350 and all the maps have disappeared. When I go WHERE TO > ADDRESS> SPELL STATE I immediately get the message "No Matches Found". When I go HOME my little house icon shows on a blank map. It appears that my data base is gone.

When I hooked up the Nuvi to my laptop and checked the Nuvi content with Windows Explorer the Garmin folder (the big one) showed up as still being on the Nuvi. So for some reason the Nuvi can no longer access the data file stored on its internal memory. Help!!

Check Map Info

Sounds like your City Navigator map was accidently de-selected...

Touch Wrench,Map,Map Info and make sure there is a checkmark in the check box nex to City Navigator.

If the box is blank, touch the box to select the map)

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That worked.

Thank You Thank You

It sure is nice to have someone who knows what to do when things go bad.

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Sky's the limit with a good

Sky's the limit with a good wrench !!!

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Another thank you

I ran into this exact same problem and stumbled across this topic. Thanks for the excellent advice!

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You're Welcome! You're Welcome! You're Welcome!, eh?

I'm happy to give back...
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