can non-TTS gps units tell us how they customized there voice file..


Hello, I noticed that many non-TTS users like myself are having difficulty using the primative voice editor tool. It is definitely more difficult to use then the TTS software provided from GPS passions. I would like this forum topic to solely deal with non-TTS customizing and how you guys did it. I feel that the TTS voice file thread predominately deals with there issues and procedures then non -TTS unit.

Steps ...

With non-TTS, it's a lot more work to change the volume and voices than with TTS.
1. Using the non-TTS voice editor, split the voice file into approximately 118 files.
2. Using a wave editor, change the volume of each of these 117 .wav files (1 file will not be edited). (You can also change the voice of these files while they're split.)
3. Using the same non-TTS voice editor mentioned in step 1, combine the wave files back into a *.vpm voice file

If you're interested in trying it, send me an email via my contact link. I'll give you more details, including links to the programs required to accomplish this.


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This sounds like a lot of work. Is there anyway the creator of the original TTS voice customizing software be able to alter it a bit so it could be functionable with non-TTS units???

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[Can non-TTS gps units tell us how they customized there voice file.. ]

These particular units have neither enough memory nor code to tell us how they achieved such a goal; however, there is a great You Tube segment showing these robots engaged in such programming. The difference between a "there voice file" and a "here voice file" is that one is for using on the road and the other in the house.

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback.