Florida Saltwater Boat Ramps (gpx)

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Last updated 03/11/2011

Raw file: Boat Ramps - Saltwater in Fla.gpx (258.97 KB)

List of 416 saltwater boat ramps throughout the state of Florida, listing physical characteristics of each site, amenities available and if there is a fee charged to launch.

This update includes several geocode corrections and some ramp name corrections. Please send any additions, corrections or updates to me at VBConsult@embarqmail.com and I'll incorporate those that qualify as quickly as possible.

The .gpx version of the file contains information about the city, town, key, etc. closest to the boat ramp.

Update 3/11/2011: Adds 4 new ramps in Martin County to the file thanks to data submitted by Mark and Marilyn Gavitt.

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