Ohio PUCO Ungated RR Xings


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Last updated 08/22/2008

Raw file: Ohio PUCO Ungated RR Xings.csv (342.1 KB)

Includes 2904 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: OH
  • some may be in: IN, KY, MI, PA, WV (near a border)

These are the railroad crossings in Ohio that are ungated, on public roads, at road grade, and in use.

The data are from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) database. As of 8/7/2008, there are 2,904 crossings in the CSV file. The file may be used as an alternative to H Hannah's files which include more than just the ungated crossings and are based on the Federal database.

I've used the naming convention similar to that chosen by H Hannah:
Name Field: RRxing-OH-City_Hiway_Street --Unique Crossing ID
Comment Field: City, County-Ungated, Public, At-Grade, Open

This project was done with the cooperation of the Angels on Track Foundation, the PUCO, the Ohio Rail Development Commission, and the DLZ Company.

The Angels on Track Foundation is a non-profit railroad safety foundation. Among its activities, Angels on Track Foundation has awarded over $400,000 in reimbursement grants to assist in the installation of gates at seventeen Ohio crossings, as well as identifying sixteen additional crossings for future gate installations as a result of its Dangerous Crossing Reports.

Use the Xing POIs at your own risk. The railroad crossing POI can be an aid, but not a substitute for, safe and alert driving at railroad crossings. Drive carefully. In Ohio in 2007, there were 120 railroad crossing accidents, resulting in 8 deaths and 40 injuries.

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