Florida Attractions (CSV)


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Last updated 07/17/2015

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Includes 185 locations in the following area:

  • United States: FL

This is a list of the top attractions for Florida.Information provided by http://www.touristflorida.com/ .Coordinates from Google maps.
Made some general changes suggested by Ron2490.Added new location.Error correction 1-15-10.Updated 7-8-10.Removed one loction that has closed 9-10-10.Updated 11-3-10.New location 11-9-10.Updated 1-16-11.New location added 2-10-11.New location 2-16-11.Updated 3-11-11.Updated 6-13-11.Updated 11-14-11.Updated 1-16-12.New location 11-13-13.Updated 1-11-14.Updated 7-5-14.Updated 12-8-14.New location 2-4-15.Updated 4-4-15.Updated 7-17-15.Updated 10-24-15.

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