Garmin 760 Lost its destination


I have had my 760 for a month or so now,Used it this weekend and put in a destination partway there it (unknown to me).Defaulted back to ready to navigate screen? I never shut unit off,I only zoomed in and out a few times.Anyone have this happen to them? Unit worked normally on drive home.

Did you hit GO?

That happened to me on my 760 but I later realized I had selected the destination but never actually hit the "GO" button and so it never actually was finalized for navigation to the selected point.

It went back to the map that I found happens if you start to move but was just showing the map and not navigating.

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Same here - forgot to hit GO

My 760 will automatically display the map if I just start driving and don't select anything from the menu. So that's probably what you did - called up a destination on the screen but did not select Go or answer the question "replace destination or insert a new via point".

It isn't FINAL until you do that. And if you don't, it will eventually revert back to the map display.

that happened to me on my

that happened to me on my 760

I did it few times. Just user error.

Lost Destination Again!

Today I was heading south and put in a final detination and I did hit go! Unit showed arrival time and how far to next turn.I was playing music from my SD card thru cable to auxilary input in car. I looked at the screen to see how far till next turn and it displayed on the right lower the direction I was heading not the distance to next turn!I then checked and had to reinput my same final destination. I used the bluetooth phone and did not use the media player SD card. Seems unusual to me?? I do not use this unit daily just on the odd time i go away?? This time i arrived at destination with no problems with the GPS.