proximity alerts and Key Words


Where is it written the actual and total list of Keywords and their associated behavior?

I know some words are linear as in you need to be on the same road in the right direction and others are circular but for the life of me I cant find a complete list any where.

even Garmin POI loader help file says things like this
(for example, "redlight," "camera," or "safety")in one place and adds Mobile, GATSO and specs in another yet there seems to be no chart listing the exact function of each of these words

Thanks for your help

Richard Lutz KD4SEV


As far as I know, it's not "written" anywhere what the words actually do. All that we have found out has been by experimentation.

Check out Phil's great guide for more information about alerts. He's done some experimenting.

Hornbyp's guide to setting alerts with POI Loader

here is at least a partial list

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Yeah, that's the same information as is in the POI Loader Help File.