Nuvi POI CSV format - How to add carriage return?


Hello all,

I'm still very new at GPS and really excited about creating POIs. I downloaded several POIs here. When I looked at some of these POIs files, each file has 4 columns: Long, Lat, Name, Address.

My question is the following: For the Address column, I have not figured out how some people created multiple lines for the address on a single line. What I meant here is that I saw a carriage return (appears as a square/rectangular in Excel CVS). On my POI file, I just type in
"123 Street Name City Name, State Zipcode (123)456-7890". So on my unit the address + phone number appears on one line instead multiple lines.

How do I create multiple lines in CSV format?


Inserting carriage return

If you're using MS Excel, just hit "Alt-Enter."

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yep, that's it!

I've been using Excel too and Alt-Enter works like a charm. May wish to remove extra commas - I still not sure they are needed when saved as a .csv file.

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Another solution for line break

Char(10) can be used to place a line-break in a Excel forumula

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Use 'Line Breaks'

gps_newbie wrote:

How can you add a carriage return to a POI file?

Don't use 'Carriage Returns', use 'Line Breaks'. See:


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Inserting Carriage Return

spider_elliott wrote:

If you're using MS Excel, just hit "Alt-Enter."

Thanks Spider I always wondered how you entered a return but never took the time to experiment. I always added or deleted spaces to accomplish what I was after.