free traffic alerts in major cities
Using the Custom POI feature on my GPS, I created a “favorite” about ten miles ahead of where I anticipated traffic might become an issue entering each city. I also created a category called “traffic check” for each of these locations to be stored in. The point I picked was just before where my alternate route split off from my intended route.

Then I set a “warning” on my GPS to alert me when I was within five miles of any POI in my “traffic check” category. Further, I assigned the phone number to each POI.

About fifteen miles before entering a congested area my GPS would alert me that I was close to a “traffic check” POI. I could then tap the screen and have it dial the POI (the service) via the Bluetooth connection between my phone and GPS. A voice prompt would ask me which drive I wanted a report for and I would speak the city name to listen to the report.

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

Is POI available?

Did you create the favorites for a single city or for a large area? This might be an idea for creating a POI file that would cover the entire US.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

I think this would be useful

I think this would be useful for me, too. Is this featurew avaialable on the nuvi 680?


i set it up with my bluetooth cell phone number and an area of highway i was going to drive thru before going on vacation.
to my suprise i got a phone call (thru nuvi 680 bluetooth) a few miles before going on that hwy , telling me about the hwy resurfacing delays.

a great addition.
note: my msn did not give me any alerts (onI75 south in Atlanta, Ga)

marnoldi Nuvi 680 & Nuvi 2797LMT

this is...

This is a brilliant idea.... Also, depending on the type of year, like summer for example, festivals and sporting events could also be affected. Nice idea.

The traffic data sure

The traffic data sure couldn't be much more worse than the XM NAVTRAFFIC that I had from XM. Seemed that I only got notification of an accident in my city after they cleared it. sad (online) does have a lot of useful info.

Good Idea!

Great idea "marnoldi". Think I'll set up a traffic check also! I do travel the I-70 interstate to and from work and does indeed report on this stretch here in Columbus OH. Thanks.



Good idea - thanks for sharing it.

Interesting. I'll have to

Interesting. I'll have to try it.