Studio 6 (Extended Stay Lodging)

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Last updated 03/25/2009

Raw file: Studio Six.csv (4.78 KB)

Includes 49 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AZ, FL, GA, IN, LA, MS, NC, NJ, NM, OH, OK, TX, UT, WA
  • Canada: ON
  • some may be in: MEX, TN (near a border)

Studio 6 is a part of the Motel 6 chain. (Motel 6 is listed as a separate file on this site).

Studio 6 offers low cost weekly rates for extended stay travelers and workers.

This file contains 49 units in the U.S (including 1 in Canada). This is the 3rd extended stay lodging chain listed on this site... with more to come).

The previous files were InTown Suites & Value Place. You can put these files into 1 extended stay folder before uploading to your unit for ease in searching for a room near your destination.

NOTE: Do NOT rename this file "Studio 6" after downloading. Your unit will set alerts by reading the "6" in the file name.