General Maintainers' Handbook


*General Maintainers* -- you can click on the `edit` tab to update this page.

Users with *General Maintainer* status will eventually be able to update many of POI Factory's reference pages.

**Tips for General Maintainers**

* Small, incremental changes are usually best
* Seek feedback on your ideas ahead of making larger changes
* Always enter a log message to help others understand the reason for a change

**Change History**

You can view change history and log messages for a page by clicking the `revisions` tab.

It's a good idea to review this before making new changes.

**Simultaneous Changes**

If more than one person attempts to edit at the same time, only the first user's changes will be saved. Other users will get a warning message when they attempt to save their changes.

This is one reason why it's a good idea to make changes in small chunks.

**Text Formatting**

Reference pages use a subset of "markdown" tags for formatting. Here are some of the basics:

Surround text with asterisks for emphasis

> \*italics\*
> \*\*bold\*\*
> \*\*\*bold & italics\*\*\*
> yields
> *italics*
> **bold**
> ***bold & italics***

Make bullet lists by starting a line with an asterisk

\* first point
\* second point
\* third point


* first point
* second point
* third point

You can learn more about markdown tags by reading the [Markdown Syntax Guide]( at

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