how to find longitude and latitide to make poi


is there a program or something on tne internet i can use to look up the longitude and latitude for address so i can use them as a poi on my garmin c 330 thanks glenn

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Try this


two good ones: -- This one you can paste from a csv file and do a bunch at once -- you can use the quick geocoder for a single address, or follow their parameters to paste a number of address to geocode like the one above.

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Another good one:

You can move the mouse around the map and the LAT/LONG will keep changing in the readout window so you can quickly see a number of exact locations in close proximity.

Wasn't until I used that service that I realized just how precise one second of LAT/LONG actually is.

One I have used

I have used this one in the past
Its handy because you can tell if it look ok