Use my nuvi 350 in Europe?



We have just purchased a nüvi 350 and find it very useful locally! I've been impressed so far over the last two weeks. Only once did it 'burp'. We were on the interstate and beside a service rode. I swerved to miss debrise in the road and the nuvi thought I was on the service road and tried to redirect the route. So, really more my fault that its....

My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe in the coming months. We are considering take the nüvi with us to Europe. I have a few questions about the City Navigator Europe v9 from Garmin.

(I'm a total newbie to the whole GPS/ navigation thing [a whole 2 wks now!]. So, please forgive any questions which may be asked a 1000 time already. Thank you for any wisdoms you provide!)

  • If I buy the City Navigator Europe v9 from Garmin, can I upload the maps to the nuvi for the specific countries we will be visiting or ALL the countries the City Navigator Europe v9 comes with?

  • If I can upload the europe maps, will the nuvi function just as it does with the north american maps that the device came with ('Where To?' functions, My Favorites, etc.)?

  • If I can upload the europe maps, will the North America maps be wiped out? Should I buy the SD card instead of the DVD?

  • I read on the Garmin site that the differece between the the City Navigator Europe v9 and the City Navigator NT Europe v9 is that the NT is "just compressed differently for your compatible Garmin". What does that mean exactly?

in another forum...

A user posted about taking the European SD Map and loaded it into their 350 and worked just fine.

In re: #1 - go to
for a preview of the map and the area it will cover.

In re: #2 - It should function with the Europe map set just like the US map. You would not be uploading the map, just adding it via SD card for your 350 to be able to use.

In re: #3, the US maps would stay just fine - from the main screen, you'd go to 'settings', and then hit 'map', then the 'map info' button, then select the Europe map instead of the US map. I'd go with the SD card map.

In re#4: Means that the data is formatted and compressed in a manner that the 350 will read - make sure you get the NT Europe v9 sd card for your trip.

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Hey kch50428, Thanks for the

Hey kch50428,

Thanks for the info!

I think I'll go for just getting the SD card with the Euro maps...

So... the DVD. Is it worth having MapSource for any good use with the nuvi 350?

I'm asking mainly based on $$$, given the DVD is cheaper than the card... And after having already spent almost $450 on the nuvi, spending 100's more is aggravating.

About Mapsource

The utility of the MapSource on dvd for me, another 350 user, has been limited. I was able to get the current North America version of MapSource from Garmin for nothing (See discussions elsewhere on this board about that...) and about the only thing you can do with it that impacts the Nuvi 350 is manage your personal favorites, or, as they are called in MapSource - wayoints. Depending on the capabilities of the gps unit, MapSource can do lots of neat things, but they just don't apply to the Nuvis.

You might call Garmin's tech support and see what their recommendation is regarding the SD card vs DVD - I'm not sure if the DVD version could be installed to an SD card installed in the unit or not - and I would not want to wipe out my North America map - I do know as I said above that someone on another forum said they used the SD card with no trouble at all.

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I purchased the Europe v9 SD

I purchased the Europe v9 SD card for the Nüvi 350... and it works like a charm!

The Nüvi sees the SD card and you can select 'where to' points anywhere within Europe. There are also a few POI files (UK based) on the website.

MapSource dvd

Besides managing your Favorites, MapSource can be used to easily create "TourGuide" Poi's. TourGuide Poi's must be saved in gpx format.

Garmin TourGuide poi's are currently compatible with the nüvi™, zūmo™, and the StreetPilot® c550, 2730, 2820, 7200 and 7500.

(Any utility that will allow you to save in gpx format can be used for the TourGuide Poi's. Doesn't have to be MapSource).

I requested a copy of MapSource from Garmin and they sent it for free. I like free.

If I were traveling to Europe, I'd buy the map on SD card, for the particular country or combination of countries available. Otherwise, I'd have to buy the entire Europe map - still on sd card. I agree with kch50428, I wouldn't want to wipe out my North America map.

I'm not certain that the mapsource city navigator Europe dvd, will allow you to do anything other than what the North American version allows us to do.

kch50428 offered a great suggestion - ask what Garmin's recommendation is.

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DVD vs card

Does anyone know if the Map DVDs are more difficult to install on a mac? I'm thining for ease of use, the card is a better idea until Garmin offers full Mac support.

I just bought a Nuvi 670 for

I just bought a Nuvi 670 for just that reason... I'm going to Europe for a few weeks in mid-April. I could have borrowed my son's 350 but the maps were going to cost me $300 or so. I could have rented a GPS but that was going to be $300. Instead, I sold my Lowrance iWay 500c for $350, bought the nuvi 670 for $785. So for the $435 difference I got Europe maps, FM Transmitter, FM Traffic Receiver, Bluetooth plus some more stuff I have yet to discover. Not a bad deal!

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I installed the North America 2008 Maps to my SD

I installed the North America 2008 Maps to my SD card using MapSource and they work fine on the nüvi 200. The contiguous states are loaded into internal memory, Canada and Alaska are in a supplemental map file on the SD card.

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