Garmin 276c - Mac - WP/POI


Hi there,

I've just registered on this forum and I am trying to figure how I can use the POI files listing speed camera (of South Africa) into my GPS and set-up a proximity alert automatically for all of them... only using my mac.

I am using the latest version of Bobcat, and I can easily upload/download WP from/to my unit/mac but when I start POI loader, it does not recognize my unit.

OK it seems that the 276c does not allow POI files, then is there another way. I mean converting to WP and set up the proximity alert?

I would really appreciate some help as Garmin South Africa is not very helpful on these matters...

Thank you.


csv to gpx

Welcome to the site Paulgodard.

You could try converting the csv file to a gpx file and import the gpx into Bobcat.

The converter can be found here

You can set-up a proximity alert during the csv to gpx conversion.

I am not familiar with the 276c.

Hope that helps.

Nüvi 200,750 & Mac OS X