720 owners (looking at TT 720 or nuvi 750)


Currently, I own a Garmin c530, but I'm looking to upgrade. I'm seriously looking at the TT 720 or a Nuvi 750. 720 owners can you tell me what you like about your units. If you've got any experience with both, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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jdbutz wrote: Currently, I

jdbutz wrote:

Currently, I own a Garmin c530, but I'm looking to upgrade. I'm seriously looking at the TT 720 or a Nuvi 750. 720 owners can you tell me what you like about your units. If you've got any experience with both, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

These are the current 7xx models, 710,750,760,770 and 780.

I’ll talk about the 750; a year ago I had the c330 which I thought was awesome. I was really quite pleased with this little unit. Then I started getting curious about the wide screen and thought what the heck. I got the 250w and I was in love with the screen. However, there will always be something better. I decide to drop the 250w and go for a 750. Now I’m truly happy.

The 750 plays my mp3’s which means I don’t have to rely on my ipod as much I use to.
The 750 has the Routing options that I find very useful.
The 750 also lets me add more then one Via Point when driving to multiple destinations (big plus for me).
The 750 also has the SiRfInstantFixII which get the satellites amazing fast after having the gps off over night.
The Qwerty Keyboard Layout is a nice extra touch. I know where everything is on this keyboard.

I payed 299.99 at hsn, Now that is sweet.

Hope this helps you out. Good luck!

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I'd say Garmin is easier to

I'd say Garmin is easier to use, If you have issues with electronics, Go with Garmin, If you like to tinker modify or like the extras, Id go with the TomTom, you can tell it a road is blocked and it shares that with others, I have a road here it kept insisting I use, but I have told it that road is unavailable and it never goes that way again (bridge is out), Just wish I could make it learn a road just by driving on it and giving it a name. I chose the TT because of that feature, the maps are less expensive to upgrade on Garmins. Its almost a toss up.

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720 owners (looking at TT 720 or nuvi 750)

I have a Tom Tom 720 and a Kenwood DNX 7100 which has its Nav powered by Garmin. I like both for different reasons, but when it comes to pure Nav, I think Tom Tom is the superior product.

Here's my view both

Its always in the car, because its part of the in dash sound system.
Its got a large 6+ inch screen. That counts when you get over 50
The intersection zoom function

Addresses are way off. Its gets you close, but it better not be a dark night.
Display is jerky. The update time on the display is really slow. You can miss an intersection if you're waiting for to get you close.
Map updates are only available for this unit on SD card, and the map updates are pricey.
Tom Tom
Its portable and easy to use as a handheld if needed.
The display is super smooth, even in a tunnel or traveling under bridges the inertia system keeps track and even notices changes in direction.
Locates addresses accurately.
Map updates are relatively inexpensive.

Display is small.
menus are cumbersone and locating some features difficult
Bluetooth feature works, but hansfree reception is quite soft.

Funny how I ran past this

Funny how I ran past this thread.. As a matter of fact, tomorrow morning I am returning my Garmin 750 to Circuit City for a refund. I've had it over the weekend and have been toying with it to see what it can do.

I drive a big truck for a living and currently own a TomTom 720. I read a very positive review on the Garmin and really like the way it displayed the streets, I also liked the general layout of the screen.

What turned me off about it was the audio and visual cues on your upcoming maneuvers. With my TomTom, you are prompted 2 miles before your turn, the Garmin waits until you're less than a mile away before prompting. Also, even at the highest setting, the speaker is much too low in my opinion. This really makes a difference in a big truck, at times it gets pretty loud in the cab.

As I mentioned earlier, the graphics an the Garmin are nice and crisp. My TomTom can't touch it on this point. I also agree as a earlier reply that the driving animation is pretty jerky. I guess that's the price of having such a pretty screen.

Hey Shorty...

My TT One NE works the same...I'm notified 2 miles before I have to make any course/route changes. smile


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