3G iPhone Weaknesses


If you are thinking of upgrading your iPhone to the 3G you might want to read this story
think I will keep my current iPhone for now.

Edit: Here is another review

I'll probably get it

The iPhone has a lot of missing features. But, even with the missing features, what it does have it does well.

1. Its probably the best music phone available.

2. Internet use is usable and very well implemented for a mobile device. The multi-touch interface makes it much easier to zoom in and read. Also has the ability to connect via WiFi.

3. Email access works and works well. Some may do it better but this new update may improve that.

4. The interface is bar none the best.

Reasons to upgrade:
1. 3G - This will speed up the internet while on the cell service (i.e. not on WiFi). This service is extremely limited and may not be available in your area.

2. GPS - The iPhone 3G has A-GPS which should be a better GPS system than most but Apple has done a fine job of preventing use of turn by turn directions and probably will not allow 3rd party developers to use their app store to provide a good GPS software solution. Decide if this is a deal killer for you.

3. Better speaker phone. Apparently the reports are that the speakerphone is better than the old iPhone.

4. Flush headphone port. You don't need an adapter anymore.

5. Its Apple. Mainstream hopping. Some people will buy it just because Apple created it. Not me, a good product is a good product. Period.

Why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 3G:
1. Price - Its cheaper to buy right now but over time the contract will cost much more.

2. Inadequate GPS Software - no Turn by turn direction. This will not take place of your favorite GPS.

3. MMS - Text messaging media still not supported

4. Flash - Flash still not supported (but its been reported that Adobe is working on this)

5. A2DP - No stereo bluetooth support.

6. User replaceable battery - not there

7. External Memory Slot - not there. No expansion of memory

8. Its Apple. Mainstream hating. Some people will not buy it just because Apple created it. Not me, a good product is a good product. Period.

I'm probably missing stuff but this list should be ok.

Very well said about the future cost..

Why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 3G:
1. Price - Its cheaper to buy right now but over time the contract will cost much more.


The main reason I will wait on an upgrade is the battery life, 5 1/2 hours will not get through a day. If your battery life is going to be so short the least they could do is help out with an interchangable one so you can have an extra to keep you talking/surfing.

Battery Life

I think the iPhone 3G battery is respectable and much better than most cell phones. Its definitely better than the previous iPhone taking the Edge vs 3G into consideration.

I don't talk very much on my cell phone so the talk time isn't really a big concern. If a user replaceable battery is important to you, then this is not the phone for you.


Talk time:
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 10 hours on 2G

Standby time: Up to 300 hours

Internet use:
Up to 5 hours on 3G
Up to 6 hours on Wi-Fi

Video playback: Up to 7 hours
Audio playback: Up to 24 hours

Biggest Weakness

AT&T's coverage, which sucks in rural Iowa.

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3G iPhone Weaknesses

It launched here today in Canada from Rogers, but you have to sign a 3 year contract to get it. Phooey on that! I buy my phones, because as an ex-cel company rep, I know what happens on contracts. Add to that an expensive data plan and it's a no-go for me.

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Re: 3G IPhone Weaknesses...

Hi mourton,

Apple really blew it, big time, with the battery (or lack of a sufficient battery) on the new 3G iPhone. It has a battery life of 5.5 hours.

Are you kidding me...5.5 hours? What in the heck were they thinking?

That's like producing an Indy race car to run in the Indianapolis 500 and putting in a 2 gallon gas tank.

I can deal with the higher iPhone 3G price plan, from A.T&T, but I can't use a phone that won't last the day, on a full charge.

Just my 2¢



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I'm just waiting for a

I'm just waiting for a google phone to come out.

Got one

I got the iphone last week.
I love it.
Battery is good for a full day of surfing and talking.
I have a usb charger at the office and in the car just in case.
3G seems to work fine in the DC metro area.
lots of apps to download.

No regrets.


I took the dive and bought one for my wife. It is a great phone. It does everything you can want. We never have had trouble with the battery lasting 5 hours. It lasts all day for her and if it does get low plug it in.

I am a Blackberry user for work. The iPhone does not come close for business. They typing just stinks on it. I am always making mistakes on it but for the user who does not need it for work then you can not go wrong.

My pennies worth!

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Bluetooth Headset Problem

Can I ask if anyone with the orignal iphone has had problems with connecting with the jawbone bluetooth headset? My son's iphone, with the new software upgrade, seems to pair up with the jawbone but, the person he calls can't seem to hear him talk.

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No issues with a 3G and a bluetooth device.
except that you cannot listen to voice mail via bluetooth.

Iphone 3G

Overall I like it first time user. The things I don't like are:
-No flash for camera
-No zoom for camera or I just can't figer it out
-Old chargers do not work any more, car setups, mini stereos.

My wife bought an IPhone 3g

My wife bought an IPhone 3g and she loves it. I do Too! Can't wait for my upgrade time to get rid of my Nokia 6126 talk about no battery life.

Not in Japan

I was listening to an interesting piece on "The World" last week (a program on Public radio International) about the iPhone and how it isn't selling very well in Japan, primarily because it isn't as advanced as the phones being sold there already... But then again it seems that just about everything electronic being sold in Japan in years ahead of what is available in the States.

A friend just picked up a 3g for him and his wife a few weeks ago and was excited by it, but after using it for a while, I think he's got a little buyers remorse. (He's a die hard Mac head too) He was very interested in seeing what my new Nuvi 260 can do compared to his 3g in that regime.

It certainly is a neat gadget, but I've never been overly impressed with Apple products besides the cool factor. For me they just aren't worth the added cost... (FYI, so you don't think I'm just an Apple-basher, I use Windows, OS-X & Linux almost every day and am writing this on my Powerbook...)

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