Mom and Pop Burger Joints


Just seen on tv last night that they are going to feature Big Ben's burger barn in Roy Utah on the next show of Diners,Drive-ins and Dives. That's good to bad they wouldn't mention something about poi-factory and the poi list we have here on places that are not chain owned.

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This thread sort of died

This thread sort of died but there has been some renewed interest in restarting. I have two places to nominate if someone wants to take on the task of managing the POI.

Urban Burger Company
5566 Norbeck Rd,
Rockville, MD 20853
(301) 460-0050

Rock Creek Village Shopping Center
Use the Bauer Dr. entrance

-77.10957169532776, 39.095463341450596

The Main Street Pub
7140 Main Street
Clifton, Virginia 20124
(703) 266-6307

-77.387092, 38.708727

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