Is the Alphabetized List of POI Files Complete?


Is the Complete POI List Complete? (It says that it is 'ALL' files.)

I found that if i go to the Beaches link, it shows me Beaches all in one, and separated down to each state.

However when i looked for Oregon Beaches in the main Complete Listing, it wasnt there.

I also just noticed that the Historical Markers has a couple entries, but all the State-specific ones are not found in the master list. Perhaps there should be a Link to go to State-only related POIs from the master list.

Is this a common situation? Or just a minor oversite that isnt likely to find? Thanks.

- ACougar

Found It!

I found it!

View Metro Area Projects

Perhaps a link to this page should be found on the Alphabetize page, but then again, maybe not. Just an idea. I just know i had problems finding things again that were state specific. And i figure we want things easy, even for new users.

~just and idea~

- ACougar

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Our data comes from different spots. We have some files that come from the USGS and some files are made by the community. There will be some overlap and some missing data.

If you go to the alphabetical list and type the state into the search engine you will find all the files that are separated by state. If you are looking at a large chain, some of them have state files.

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