Is geocacheing able to be done with a nuvi200? Or should you have a small handheld unit?

You can do it, but it's not

You can do it, but it's not the most ideal unit for that. I wouldn't take it hiking into the woods, but if you are mostly doing urban/suburban caches or ones that aren't far from the road or path, you will be okay.


Geocaching is possible with any GPSr, I started with my nuvi350 but soon realized it was not practical, you will get frustrated and not enjoy the sport, but it is worth a try to see if you would like to make caching a hobby.

I love doing it, the places and parks you are introduced to really opens your eyes and say, wow, I never knew this was here...

Good luck, and keep looking, you will find it...

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You would probably be better with a handheld but you can use the nuvi. I have both and use both.


Handheld is how I started, and it is a bit of fun.

If your battery life is great, you may do just fine.

It is a bit tougher to navigate deep woods with an automotive unit in your hand verses a handheld unit which has a wrist strap...


Geocache with Nuvi

This site has interesting stuff about (paperless) geocaching with a Nuvi:

Magellan Sport Trak GPS Receiver

propes2269 wrote:

Is geocacheing able to be done with a nuvi200? Or should you have a small handheld unit?

If you really want to enjoy the sport do it right and get yourself the right tool, a hand held gps. I have Geocached for years both finding and hiding and found it easier to use the proper tools to play.

Here is a link to a hand held on ebay that is at the moment selling for: $10.50 + 17.50 US Postal Service Priority Mail® with two days left.

Magellan Sport Trak GPS Receiver w/Cable and Manual


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I had tried it with a Nuvi 680...but the handheld models far outweight the Nuvi for many reasons...
...waterproof, rugged, compass, ease of use, multiple screens are easy to toggle, etc. etc...

have a look at my Geocaching experience...

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