Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse Restaurants - ALL

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Last updated 11/26/2010

Raw file: Bugaboo Creek.csv (1.29 KB)

Includes 12 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NY
  • some may be in: DC (near a border)

Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, after bankruptcy reorganization, now operates 12 restaurants in 6 states [formerly 30 locations in 10 states], mostly in the northeast and mid-atlantic states: Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire & New York. All are included in this POI File. I verified location accuracy with my Nuvi 200 and the 2009 Map update against their website mapping (www.bugaboocreek.com)

About Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse:
At Bugaboo Creek you'll find your very own Canadian Rockies Retreat, just like the warm, rustic mountain lodge at the end of an adventurous day on a rugged trail on the Bugaboos. Enjoy the bold, hearty flavor and generous portions of the Canadian Rockies in dishes such as our slowly roasted Prime Rib, Grilled Fresh Salmon and Spit-Roasted Chicken.

They have passion and determination in everything they do at Bugaboo Creek. Your food will always be fresh and made to order. Your servers, like knowledgeable trail guides, are committed to helping you in any way they can. So, relax and enjoy the flavor of the Canadian Rockies - at your very own getaway - Bugaboo Creek.

10/05/2009: Edited file to show the city location in the title. Double checked their website for any closed or new locations, none found.

11/20/2010: MAJOR CHANGES! The parent company of Bugaboo Creek filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, and as a result almost two thirds of their locations were closed, resulting in only 12 locations remaining in the north east. All locations in CT, GA, PA & RI were closed along with 9 out of 12 locations in Massachusetts! Here is the new POI file with the remaining 12 locations.

11/26/2010: One location correction: Newark, DE. Thanks to dconcella for the corrected location


Change History

  • dconsolla - Nov 26, 2010
    supplied corrected location for Newark, DE location