POIs with Proximity Alerts


When I update my poi files with proximity alerts do I have to manually set the other alerts every time I update 1 file? Or are they set from the first time I installed them?

Proximity Alerts

You have to set the proximity alert each time you load POI files. POI Loader completely overwrites the previous poi.gpi file every time you use POI Loader.

For instance, the only POI file I currently have loaded with proximity alerts is the Rest Areas Combined file. My alert is set to 2 miles. I wanted to load a new store file, but since POI Loader reloads every file, I have to set the proximity alert again for the Rest Areas Combined file.

You can get around this by remaning the poi.gpi file on your GPS to something else like keeppoi.gpi. The file will still work with the .gpi extension, but next time, POI Loader will create a new poi.gpi file.

If you search POI Factory for 'rename poi.gpi' you will find several topics that discuss renaming techniques.

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POI Loader

The loader first erases all POI files and then downloads the new ones. If the default settings are OK then you are set.

If on the other hand you want to change the default settings then you must do so for each file as it's downloaded. An incredibly poor design.


Smitty, once you get the hang of it, it's actually pretty simple.

Each time you run POI Loader, it takes all the POI files, icons, and sound files that you may have in your POI folder on your computer and compiles them into a single POI.GPI file that your GPS unit can read. It also incorporates the settings you choose during that POI Loader session regarding proximity and speed alerts that you may or may not want to set for your POIs.

This way you can easily adjust and reload the POIs the way you want them. It really doesn't take that much time or effort once you do it a few times it's a pretty quick process.

Thanks for the replys... I

Thanks for the replys... I only had to edit one store in a poi file and had to do all the proximity alerts again, but if thats what you have to do, it doesnt take long like you said. Thanks again